viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

Is it worth being a member of AVEQ-KIMIKA?

One of our leading affiliated companies has been recently acquired by one of the most innovative transnational corporation of the European Chemical Industry... it is obvious that, with every acquisition, all management procedures are revised and, of course, every charge and every cost are questioned. This time is not different than other.

Some days ago, the plant manager, client and friend for years, sent me an email with a longer explanation but may be easily condensed in two simple questions about our quarterly charge, made by her new supervisors:

Is this a mandatory requirement to have this?
If not mandatory what benefit do we get from having this?  

The first question is easy to answer: no, absolutely not.

The second one... well, I'll try:

1st. Today, every industrial project needs legal advice on environmental and safety regulations. It has to cover, not only wide scope in European and Spanish law, in our particular organization as a "federal state", advisors need to be particularly familiar with autonomous legislation and with administrative procedures of authorities.

2nd. Industrial companies in the Basque Country use to have very good technicians on their staff (chemists, engineers...)  but they have no lawyers specialized in environment and safety, basically because they do not need lawyers full time. What they do need is direct access to legal advise on this matters, agile and fast as necessary: ​​with just a call or an e-mail they can avoid many ulterior very serious problems. It is not just the information, what really matters is the quality, the quantity, enough but not exceeding, and the speed in the reception.

How? ... very easy: hire one (... or seven, as in our case, and a chemical engineer specialized in Seveso and emergency plans) shared between several companies with the same needs ... and, well, that is an "association".

3rd. Because AVEQ-KIMIKA services have emerged from the own associated companies and everything is designed with supervisor of affiliated professionals... All in AVEQ KIMIKA is designed to save the scarce resource in today industries: working time.

4th. Because AVEQ-KIMIKA have direct access to the Basque Government. In areas, such as environment and safety, is becoming increasingly important to have legal support in making decisions and to quickly consult with the regional administration, which holds virtually all powers in these matters.

5th. Because it's important not to feel alone and each of our meetings has a therapeutic component. Because many industries lost a lot of opportunities for not collaborating with other companies with problems (and solutions) similar to their own.

The huge variety of products that companies affiliated to AVEQ-KIMIKA produce, for a wide range of different markets, makes competition within the Association very rare, allowing all meetings and collaborations between companies open and instructive. Companies with shared concerns talk to each other without major problems.

6th. Because the law applicable to the industry is becoming more complex, more intricate and difficult ... and will go further in the future.

7th. Because the labor agreement applied to chemical companies in Spain is especially difficult. The General Convention of Chemical Industry is a particularly complex text. In AVEQ-KIMIKA we have the best law team of the Basque Country in knowledge and enforcement of this particular law.

8th. Because we are specialized in industrial communication and help our businesses to engage with their communities, neighbors, municipalities ...

9th. Because we know firsthand the most complex regulations to which the industry is facing since the first draft appears and we work on them before they are published in any official gazette: Seveso, IPPC, REACH, CLP-GHS, Environmental Responsibility, ADR...

10th. And ... .. because we are the best, what the hell... someone had to say it!

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